Proven tools for stress management

Yogaia for business offers employees research-based ways to prevent and manage stress - just 1€ per employee per month.

Versatile content for stress management

Stress is a part of working life, but the side effects of chronic stress do not have to be. Yogaia for business provides employees with research-based ways to prevent and manage stress.

Yogaia helps tens of thousands of people cope with daily mobility, recovery and sleep. Now we bring this versatile content both to the home and to the workplace - also as a personnel benefit!

Energetic body

“Working out regularly makes me feel positive about myself and some of my habits. It gives me a routine, which is another way I stay happy and healthy. Moving around is a great stress release, and the teachers on Yogaia are real and don't make me feel self-conscience.”

Better sleep

“I use Yogaia in the evening on a daily basis to reduce stress and to improve my sleep. I have become a deep sleeper and the impact has led to faster recovery during the night without waking up and thinking about the things which "fly" through my head.”

Focused mind

“Makes me mindful of what my body is doing throughout the day.”

Breaks during the day

“Using the app daily helps me keep fit and healthy. And it's opened up parts of my body that have been stiff and lazy for a long time. I love this app. Could not live without it now.”

Why Yogaia for business?

EXPERIENCE - Yogaia helps tens of thousands of people cope daily with mobility, recovery and sleep issues

EFFECTIVENESS - 95% of users report that Yogaia has had a positive effect on daily body and mind well-being

RESEARCH-BASED - Methods are based on research results

DIVERSITY - Stress can be affected through both the mind and the body

COST-EFFECTIVENESS - prevention programs have been studied to be the most cost-effective

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95 % of users report a positive impact on daily mental and physical wellbeing*

86 % report increased mobility and lessened pain82 % report increased activeness80 % report increased energy and improved mood60 % report better sleep and recovery

* Yogaia wellbeing survey 5-6/2019, N=1146

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